PrideHouse 2023: From person to propaganda!

Event together with Oslo Pride and FRI.

In June 2023, it will be ten years since the law known as the ‘gay propaganda law’ was passed by the Russian Duma. The law was supposed to prevent minors from receiving information about so-called non-traditional sexual relationships.

Ten years later, we have so-called LGBT-free zones in Poland. We have a “gay propaganda” law in Hungary. We have Norwegian politicians protesting so-called Pride ideology. And in December 2022, Russia adopted an even stricter law, with no age restrictions and with a tougher line towards trans and non-binary people. In addition, the fight against LGBT people has become one of the many justifications for the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Join us at Pride House, to meet human rights defenders from Russia, Poland, Turkey, and Norway, discussing how the idea that one is not a person – but propaganda – affects queer lives all over Europe.

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Mina Wikshåland Skouen

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Lasse Thomassen

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Dag A. Fedøy

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