"Defending human rights is everyone's job. We achieve a lot more when we stand united against injustice"

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08 Jun

Europe for Poland

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Discrimination law repealed in North Macedonia

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Kazakhstan: A pandemic is no excuse to ignore human rights

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Democratic ways to fighting Covid-19

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Campaign: 12 Women on the Barricades

We present 12 portraits of women standing on the barricades of other women, focusing on the greatest human rights challenges facing women in Europe today.

Who we are

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee base its work one the Helsinki Declaration, which states that respect for human rights is crucial for maintaining peace and cooperation between states.

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Finding the facts

We document human rights violations so that the guilty can be punished.

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Why we need human rights sanctions

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Where do we work?

We assist vulnerable groups, challenge public institutions to uphold the rule of law and hold authorities to account in 20 countries.