Reporting misconduct

It should be both safe and pleasant to work in The Norwegian Helsinki Committee. We have zero tolerance for unethical and/or illegal behaviour, and accordingly a low threshold to report on such misconduct. Below you will find information on what misconduct is and which events should and must be reported.

You have the right to report

Misconduct are any actions that violate Norwegian law and/or The Norwegian Helsinki Committee’s internal guidelines (see Code of Conduct for Employees and Representatives or Code of Conduct for Partners). Situations where life or health is at risk, bullying, discrimination, harassment, corruption or abuse of power are examples of such actions.

In some cases you must report

In cases where life and health are at risk, or in cases of discrimination, harassment or bullying, you are legally obliged to report. Read more about this here.

Who can report?

Everyone, including temporary and full-time employees, consultants, interns, volunteers and others who become aware of or experience misconduct, are encouraged to report.

This is how you report

Reporting misconduct should be done to your contact in The Norwegian Helsinki Committee or to the leader closest to you. If this for various reasons is not possible, se our extensive document for reporting misconduct for more information. If you do not have anyone that you naturally report to, you can use our encrypted form or send an e-mail to [email protected]. This e-mail is handled by our internal misconduct report manager.