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By supporting the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, you are contributing to strengheten human rights defenders that are working for rights and democracy in their home country, and helping victims that are facing assaults.

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What our members says about us:

Strengthening the voice of the unheard, of those who cannot speak up because of their beliefs, color or gender. An organization that is not afraid to stand up for the rights of the discriminated and marginalized.

Liridona Gashi

Some of what we have achieved:

  • release of journalist Muhammad Bekjon after 18 years in Uzbek prison
  • release of Dr. Serdar Kuni in Turky, jailed for giving medical help to wounded
  • support to activists who carried out the democratic velocity revolution in Armenia
  • hosting the northernmost pride parade of the world in the Kirkenes, with 200 Russian and Norwegian participants
  • support and Sakharov prize to anti-torture fighters in Russia
  • end violent forced sterilization of transgender people in Ukraine
  • peace education for teenagers who will be the next generation of human rights defenders
The Norwegian Helsinki Committee is a credible and committed defender of international human rights. A good partner with knowledge and experience that we can benefit from.

Kristin Clemet, leader Civita

We are now working on:

  • Release of Chechnya’s foremost activist, Oyub Titiev
  • To stand against an increasingly authoritarian regime in Hungary
  • Turning around activists in Ukraine attacked by right-wing hat groups
  • Support the new generation of democracy defenders in Russia
  • To get the government to treat asylum seekers better, as UN demands
  • To stop torture of LHBTI people worldwide
  • To repel propaganda and abuse, with facts and documentation
  • Better protection for corruption detectors globally
In my collaboration with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, I have been highlighting the darker aspects of reality in my teaching for students in human rights at the University of Southeastern Norway.

Lars Petter Soltvedt, University of Southeastern Norway