#16 Days of Activism

This year, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee uses the international campaign #16DaysOfActivismAgainstGenderBasedViolence to promote the work of some of the women human rights defenders that amaze us, and who have found their own way of making the world more equal, one person at the time❤️.

One out of three women experience violence in their life-time. This is a pandemic can be prevented. Around the world you will find initiatives set up by women, for women – to provide safety for women and girls, advocate for women’s rights and equal participation in socitey, and tackle the particular challenges women and girls face during war and conflict💪

Read Hrystyna, Gayane and Shah Guls stories, to know more about the indispensible role women human rights defenders play internationally!

Women human rights defenders - indispensable in resolution of war and conflict!

Hrystyna Kit has dedicated her life to fight gender-based violence in Ukraine. Then came Russia's full-scale invasion. The only thing she could do was to keep fighting.

Women human rights defenders - safe spaces make change possible!

When Gayane Hambardzumyan first began her fight for equal rights in Armenia, she thought she had to change the whole system at once. Then she realized that she had to start with her own circle of people, and change society from within.

Women human rights defenders - ensuring women’s voices at the table!

When Taliban came back into power in Afghanistan in 2021 - politician and activist Shah Gul Rezaie had no choice but to leave her home country. From her exile in Norway, she continues to show the world that Afghan women’s voices are crucial to define the future of their country.