War crimes in Ukraine

Truth Hounds report from the first days of the attack documents attacks on civilian objects and use of unlawful military tactics.

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee’s Ukrainian partner, Truth Hounds, has documented war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine since 2014. Today Truth Hounds are among the largest human rights groups in Ukraine, and widely acknowledged for their documentation work. Since the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine on 24 February, Truth Hounds have collected information on war crimes. This report from the first days of the war document what appears to be not only the crime of aggression, but also attacks on civilian objects, which have claimed civilian lives, and the use of unlawful military tactics, known as perfidy in International Humanitarian Law.

Military invasion of Russia followed by war crimes_Truth Hounds


Aage Borchgrevink

Head of The Documentation CenterEmail: [email protected]Phone: +47 90 75 11 50 Twitter: @aageB
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Dag A. Fedøy

Director of CommunicationsEmail: [email protected]Phone: +47 920 54 309Twitter: @dagfedoy
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