Three years after brutal crackdown, UN Human Rights Committee reviews Tajikistan

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee is attending the UN Human Rights Committee review of Tajikistan today in Geneva. In the time that has passed since the country’s last review, a brutal crackdown on political opposition has taken place in the country.

The NHC is among the organizations to have submitted a report to the Committee, as an alternative to the version of events likely to be presented by the Tajik government delegation this afternoon, and tomorrow morning. – This isn’t just one among many UN reviews, said Ivar Dale, NHC Senior Adviser based in Geneva and an expert on Central Asia.

The report can be read here.

Tajikistan has taken major leaps in the wrong direction over these past few years. Life sentences handed down to political opposition and even their lawyers are glaring examples. The Human Rights Committee is exactly the right forum.

Ivar Dale, NHC Senior Adviser based in Geneva and an expert on Central Asia

The review will be attended by a range of Tajik human rights organizations, who will have a chance to brief committee members during a pre-session today.
Representatives of Tajikistan’s exiled political opposition are also present, to outline current challenges ahead of the review.

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