Privacy Policy Ombudsman at NHC

Our privacy policy ombudsman is Aleksandra Sidorenko.

The purpose of the Ombudsman is to strengthen our ability to comply with regulations for the processing of personal data. The Ombudsman must be able to act independently and ensure that NHC follows the rules in practice. This will benefit the NHC and those whose personal information we process.

The role and duties of the Ombudsman are governed by the Privacy Policy Act (Articles 37, 38 and 39). Key tasks are to advise his/her own organization and monitor the organization’s compliance with privacy policy. The work of the Ombudsman is therefore carried out largely within his/her own organization, but an Ombudsman also carries out an important function in acting as a contact person for those whose personal information the organization processes. The Privacy Policy Ombudsman is bound by a confidentiality obligation.

Contact our Privacy Policy Ombudsman Aleksandra Sidorenko at [email protected]

If you need to send an enquiry by mail, the postal address is:

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee

Kirkegata 5

0153 Oslo

Mark the envelope “NHCs Privacy Policy Ombudsman”