Our Partners

The daily life and work of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee would not be the same without the dedicated work of more than 70 partner organisations, from Vladivostok to Budapest, Murmansk to Dushanbe.

The partner organisations we co-operate with today, consist of more than a thousand activists, experts, lawyers, volunteers and independent journalists, who often put their own lives on the line to improve the situation of citizens in their home countries. We do not tell them what to do, as they know best themselves as to what is needed. However, we support and give advice where we can – together working always towards a common goal.

Since the establishment of the NHC in 1977, the main objective has been to support and co-operate with these knowledgeable actors, on the other side of what was then, the Iron Curtain. Over time, the civil society organisations in these countries have grown stronger and more experienced. We are proud to have contributed to this and continue to do so as we are repeatedly approached for cooperation, support and advice.    

Daily contact in the field

In all the countries where we work, The NHC has developed and continues to develop, an extensive network of close colleagues, co-operation partners and friends. We draw upon this experience and network through daily contact both in the field and online. We also ensure that our partners benefit from our network – be it between activists in different countries, or between various professionals within a particular country.

We provide support for and participate in activities along with our partners. This enables civil society organisations to keep their focus on providing assistance to vulnerable groups, challenging public institutions to uphold the rule of law and holding authorities accountable. We also call upon their internationally valued expertise to assess the human rights situation in Norway – including but not limited to, election legislation, psychiatry in prison, or migration policies.

Watch dogs

In many states that have gone through a change of government, our partners obtain new roles due to their long-term dedication and expertise in various fields. They can be involved in working groups developing new legislation and practices, as ombudspersons for human rights, or even as members of government. Others maintain their important role as watch dogs, as a state is never fully informed on all topics to which civil society actors specialise in.

We are proud to stand together with our brave partners and colleagues in our joint efforts to fight injustice and protect human rights for all.

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