How our projects save and improve lives

It takes more than words to improve and save lives. This is why we have done more than 1000 projects over the years – and are continuing.

NHC projects vary from, providing legal aid to torture survivors in Kyrgyzstan, hosting Barents Pride in Norway for Russian LGBTI, empowering aspiring journalists in Kazakhstan and training a new generation of activists in Armenia. Read the stories on how these projects succeeded further down in this article.

A project is more than good intentions described in a document. Our dedicated staff of about 25 employees, when combined travel over 400 days a year in more than 20 countries, to ensure good results.

Projects and support

About 1000 projects have been launched so far in co-operation with more than 70 partner organisations from Vladivostok to Budapest. The non-governmental organisations consist of more than a thousand activists, experts, lawyers, volunteers and independent journalists, who often put their own lives on the line to improve the situation for citizens in their home countries.

What we do:

  • We participate in activities with partners and also give direct partner support.
  • We defend the rights of sexual- and gender, religious, life stance and ethnic minorities.
  • We raise awareness on human rights issues through meetings, education and advocacy.
  • We combat human rights violations by monitoring and documenting.


The NHC provides support for and participates in activities along with our partners. This enables civil society organisations to keep their focus on assisting vulnerable persons, challenging public institutions to uphold the rule of law and holding authorities to account.

Get to know five of the 1000 NHC-projects and read the testimonies of human right defenders and friends we work with. Together, we fight injustice and build stronger foundations for democracy and human rights.

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