Barents Pride 2018

At Barents Pride, Norwegian and Russian people and organisations will meet to celebrate diversity and to fight for human rights for all.

Taking place between 27 – 29 September, Barents Pride consists of workshops, lectures, culture, parties and the parade. In addition, queer movies will be screened at Aurora Kirkenes every night.

Barents Pride is hosted by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee together with FRI – the Norwegian Organisation for Sexual and Gender Diversity , Maximum (Russland), Amnesty International Norway og Queer World. The event is supported by the Barents Secretariat.

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Highlights from the programme:

Thursday September 27
Opening of two Photo Exhibitions
”Answers to Hate Speech”– photographs from/by Jullianna Est (RIG ”Maximum”)
«Connecting» – photographs from/by Alya Grach (RIG ”Beginning”)

Friday September 28
16.00 -17.00: Rainbow Mass in Kirkenes Kirke,
by Minister Torbjørn Brox Webber
18.00- 20.00: Panel debate ”Unlikely allies – or maybe not?”
Both in Norway and in Russia, the Church and the LGBT population have a fraught relationship.
Listen to activists and ministers from both side of the border share personal stories and reflections
on how faith and religion can build up or tear down local and international relations and relationships.

Saturday September 29
14.00: Pride Parade
21.00: Pride Party
Scandic Kirkenes will be our Pride Hotel for the occasion, and you will get discounted fares by using
the code 46649327 via telefone (+47 78 99 59 00) or by email ([email protected]).
Everyone is welcome to participate in the public part of the programme. In order to secure the safety
of all the participants, we ask all everyone interested closed events to register beforehand.