Mina Wikshåland Skouen

Email: [email protected]Phone: +47 90 82 50 76

Mina coordinates our efforts on human rights and LGBTI issues. 

We are promoting human rights for all, including LGBTI people. This means fighting homophobic and transphobic violence, threats and discrimination and for fundamental freedoms, security and dignity.  

LGBTI is among the most vulnerable groups in all the countries we work in. Mina has been a driving force in establishing support and networks with activists and organizations in many countries. Today LGBTI is part of our focus everywhere we work. 

“Some people claim that not all countries are ready for LGBTI-rights yet. But gross human rights violations are happening right now. Therefore, we cannot wait but must fight now for the right to be who we are and to love whomever we want.” 

Mina has worked with us since 2007, first as an adviser for the Western Balkans and with human rights education. She has a background as a documentarist, freelance journalist and in the field of prevention of violence in close relationships. She has also worked with single minor asylum seekers. 

Mina graduated Comparative Literature from Oslo University with focus on Western Balkan- and Middle Eastern studies, and have Master studies in Democracy building at Bergen University. She speaks Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian and while she can easily follow a Russian speaking conference without translation, somehow still can never manage to get her coffee order right.  

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