Mar’yana Haydanka

Email: [email protected]Phone: +47 97 35 91 49

Mar’yana is the Adviser to the International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief (IPPFoRB).

She joined the project in 2016 and contributes towards planning and strategic development of the project work, drafts applications and reports to donors, plans and coordinates events, assists the IPPFoRB Director with network building and development, and provides support to the IPPFoRB regional partners and networks.

Mar’yana was born in Ukraine and lived in Italy for 10 years. She combined studies of Political Sciences with work as Immigration Officer in a local association, which was the only point of reference for thousands of migrant workers of the region for over 15 years.

“Working with human rights makes me often reflect how in every situation, even the most difficult and complicated, each one of us has the privilege of making a difference, of introducing an element of unpredictability into the order of things.”

Mar’yana holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences from the University of Calabria (Italy), a master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Uzhgorod (Ukraine), and an Master of Philosophy in Human Rights from the University of Oslo (Norway).

Mar’yana has a particular interest in project management in the international development sector and is currently enrolled in the Executive Master Course in Project Management at the Oslo Business School BI.

In addition to Ukrainian and Russian, Mar’yana speaks Italian and English, as well as she tries to improve her Norwegian.

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