Lasse Thomassen

Email: [email protected]Phone: +47 947 945 61

Lasse is our dedicated Senior Adviser on communications.

He creates content for all our channels. He writes texts, creates videos, designs and pictures for social media, the webpage and our newsletter. He has extensive experience in video production and creating campaigns, and has broad communications experience from non-profit organizations and entrepreneurship. He also advises on general communication issues, as well as helping to develop strategy and lead campaign processes.

Lasse is very taken with creating accurate communication with a good flow, and is passionate about conveying the stories of the human rights heroes we work with. He has had a lifelong commitment to human rights, and was one of the founders of the human rights organization LightUp Norway, in addition to being active in the public debate. He also holds a master’s degree in history from the University of Oslo, where he wrote about human rights and the Cold War, and has also studied English, music, religion and education.

In addition to a robust communication experience, Lasse has previously worked with SEO, fundraising, website and app development, as well as freelance film assignments, and has built up a solid understanding of how people behave digitally.

He has always wanted to work with human rights, and when the opportunity arose in 2021, it was as if everything fell into place:
“Being able to fight shoulder to shoulder with human rights activists is something I’ve dreamed of since middle school. We have to show that we don’t take democracy and our rights for granted, and we can’t rest until all of them have the same rights as us.”

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