Collaboration with the Ukrainian civil society is crucial for success

"We are pleased that the support for Ukraine is emphasized in the white paper on the Nansen program, and that there are clear signals of long-term support to the Ukrainian civil society. The needs for tangible help and solidarity are immense, and Norwegian support is crucial," says Secretary-General Berit Lindeman.

“Themes such as anti-corruption, human rights, and the prevention of gender-based sexual violence have rightfully been given a central place in the support for the Ukrainian civil society. This is important, and we expect it to be reflected in budget priorities,” says Lindeman. She looks forward to continued collaboration on how this can be achieved in the most accurate and effective manner. 

“Local ownership and collaboration with Ukrainian organizations are crucial for success. In this regard, the Nansen program must ensure that large multinational and international organizations that are managing Norwegian support to Ukraine, are required to engage in local partnerships,” Lindeman continues. 

“In the distribution of civil support to Ukraine in 2023, only one percent was allocated to accountability, democracy, and human rights. Going forward, this percentage must be significantly increased to strengthen anti-corruption efforts and support rule of law in Ukraine,” says Lindeman. 

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee has worked diligently to document grave human rights violations and war crimes in collaboration with local partners since the outbreak of the war and the annexation of Crimea in 2014. This will be a crucial part of the accountability and prosecution. 

” We will now study the report and see how we can participate in a robust and effective program for Ukraine” says Berit Lindeman. 

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