Armenia: End harassment against human rights defenders and protect their legitimate human right work

Despite positive changes taking place after the peaceful revolution in Armenia in 2018, many human rights defenders have been subject to increased harassment and threats from nationalistic groups in particular.

The impunity enjoyed by these nationalistic groupings has influenced the parliamentary election campaign negatively as well, and is yet another indication that the issue should be duly addressed by the Armenian authorities.

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee joins local human rights defenders in Armenia in their call on the Armenian authorities to respect their international commitment towards creating an enabling environment for human rights defenders, to protect their legitimate work, condemn threats and attacks against them and cease unlawful interference in their activities, including through groundless criminal prosecution and respective operative-investigative measures.

The recent false accusations and invasive investigation methods towards Yezidi activist Sashik Sultanyan and Yezidi Center of Human Rights NGO are but the latest of many.

Unfortunately, nationalistic groups enjoy significant space to create a negative and polarized atmosphere in Armenian society. Ironically, they implement methods and rhetoric well known from Russia. Any Armenian government should ensure the protection and well-fare of all of its citizens, inlcuding the minorities.

Lene Wetteland



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