A child, a teacher, and a school – inspiration and action ideas

The book contains a selection and excerpts of works by Inge Eisvåg, a renowned Norwegian pedagogue and writer, on the topic of inspiration and action in education.

A child, a teacher, and a school

  • Editors: Enver Djuliman and Harald Nilsen
  • Selected texts by Inge Eidsvåg
  • Language: Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian
  • Pages: 217
  • Year: 2007

The book consists of six parts that are positioned in relation to the main idea: pupil, teacher, and school. The first part, “School as a Carrier of Value”, represents the school as the institution, the values of the school and the teachers and the basic human values. In the second part, “The Emergence of the Profession” refers to the notion of learning, the emergence of a teaching profession, teaching, and the author’s encounter with teachers who have demonstrated the teaching and training faculty. In the parts that follow we get an insight into author’s encounters with people and events that have been of great importance to him; a school and the world, a school and the way it meets with other cultures, a school in the 21st century as a global classroom, and the characteristics of a good teacher.