Pride House: Breaking the Boundaries

Pride House presents: Breaking the Boundaries - LGBTI in a state of emergency.

We have seen space for activism shrink drastically in many countries in Europe; from the extreme reports of imprisonment and murder of gay men in Chechnya, hundreds of people being arrested for protesting the regime in Belarus, to the recent referendum cementing the powers of the presidency in Turkey. Activists from Turkey, Russia, Belarus and Serbia give their first-hand accounts of how these events affect their lives and activism, and how they develop new ways of working in their own countries and across borders.

In times of shrinking space, where all human rights activists operate under threats and violence; under arbitrary laws limiting fundamental freedoms for all, such as freedom of assembly, organization and expression, new alliances arise.

Valentina Likhoshva (Russia)
Oleg Razhkov (Belarus)
Ömer Akpinar (Turkey/Norway)
Goran Miletic (Serbia)

Moderator: Lene Wetteland (Norwegian Helsinki Committee)