Free movie and Q&A – LGBT stories from Armenia “Listen to me”

In the new and brave film “Listen to me”, 10 representatives of the LGBT Community in Armenia agreed to come out of the closet and talk about their experiences in front of the camera.

By telling about their childhood, their existence, their self-recognition, their relationships with their families and by making their voices heard, they are cleaning the bad name Society has smeared on the characters of the LGBT Community in Armenia, a small country with a great history, today drawn between Russia and the EU, conservative and liberal ideas.

After the screening, two activists from Armenia will be conducting a Q&A session on the situation for LGBTIQ persons in Armenia – Mamikon Hovsepyan from PINK and Zhanna Andreasyan from Socioscope. The event is hosted by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee in cooperation with Rosanna Sevan, Armenian-Norwegian human rights activist.