Women in Revolution

For centuries, women have been leading different types of revolutions and been the force for change many places around the world. From the French Revolution to World War I and the civil rights movement, women have had different roles and expectations in the uprisings.

Ukraine and Armenia are some of the last examples where women have played a crucial role in the popular revolutions that forced leaders to resign. Both countries are burdened with Soviet legacy, corruption and patriarchy that has kept people in poverty and women in restrictive traditional roles. But few years ago, youth and women took to the streets with dancing and barbecues in Armenia to demand change, while protests took a more violent turn in Ukraine.

What roles do women play in revolutions? How do they succeed as a force for change? Do they achieve the political power and equal rights they took to the barricades for? And why do we see an increase of hostility towards women after the revolution in both countries?

To answer these questions, we will have an eminent panel, consisting of:

  • Anna Zhamakochyan, head of Socioscope, an NGO investigating activism in Armenia. During the revolution in April 2018 Anna was dancing with the protesters in the streets, and she has also researched the role of women in politics and society both before and after the revolution.
  • Iryna Slavinska, journalist with independent Hromadske Radio, author and translator. Iryna is one of Ukraine’s top journalists and focuses on sexism in Ukrainian society and media.
  • Lene Wetteland, senior adviser with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Lene tore off her observer badge and cried together with the protesters in Armenia when she experienced years of resignation with a corrupt government culminate.

The conversation is moderated by Gaute Børstad Skjervø, central board member and member of committee for international affairs of the Labour Party Youth Wing (AUF).



Lene Wetteland

Senior Adviser, Russia and ArmeniaEmail: [email protected]Phone: +47 97 69 75 53Twitter: @lenewett
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Hilde Sandvær

Communication AdviserEmail: [email protected]Phone: +47 95 72 21 08Twitter: @HSandvr
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Olga Shamshur Flydal

Senior AdviserEmail: [email protected]Phone: +47 97 73 53 43
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