Democracy at stake in Hungary – The Orbán government’s Constitutional revolution

In late January and beginning of February, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee conducted a fact-finding mission to Hungary. Due to recent concerns on threats to democratic rule in Hungary, expressed both by Hungarian and international observers, the NHC wanted to get a better understanding of current legal and political developments in the country. This report presents the findings from the mission, and contains the Norwegian Helsinki Committee's recommendations to the Government of Hungary, the European Union and to the Norwegian Government.

The NHC concludes that the current developments in Hungary are of great concern. Measures initiated by the government are part of a pattern where Hungary is slowly moving away from a liberal democracy. Some of the recent developments are of autocratic or even undemocratic nature. Yet, it is unlikely that Hungary will join the club of autocratic regimes due to pressure from civil society, the opposition and the international community. Hungary serves as a confirmation that democracies depend not only on the institutions that constitute it but also how the system is (ab)used. Read all conclusions and recommendations below.

Download the report here.