Campaign for political prisoners in Belarus

This week has been devoted to political prisoners in Belarus. As of today, there are 1337 of them. All week we’ve been collecting messages from our colleagues and friends that will now be sent to prisons, detention centers and colonies.

Last week at the plenary meeting, Lukashenko talked about a possible amnesty dedicated to the Day of National Unity, celebrated on the 17th of September. «Traditionally, on the dates like this, we take this symbolic step for the people», said Lukashenko. However, the real reason behind this decision is the effect of the international sanctions, imposed in connection with both the events of 2020 and regime’s participation in the war with Ukraine. The pressure on the economy of the country is getting too strong and Lukashenko wants to use political prisoners as a bargaining chip, while negotiating with the west.

It should be mentioned, that political prisoners can be granted amnesty on one condition only, they have to write a petition for pardon where they plead guilty. This poses a very difficult dilemma for people who are not guilty and are rightful in their position, but who also want to see their families and go back to their normal lives. And while Lukashenko intends to bargain with the west, they have to bargain with their conscience.

Lukashenko’s actions only show us that the sanctions have the intended effect and should not be lifted unless all the political prisoners are unconditionally freed.

We really hope that our cards will reach all the addressees and make their day a little bit brighter.

You can always send a card or a letter to a political prisoner yourself. You will find updated lists of names with addresses and some useful tips at and

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