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Oslo Freedom Forum 2012

Oslo Freedom Forum 2012

As a Norwegian partner, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee is pleased with the implementation of the Oslo Freedom Forum 2012, which took place 7 - 9 May. The 2012 Forum has been the best so far, and the NHC is proud to be associated with both the conference and with its participants.

The NHC was particularly active this year in co-hosting a breakfast event during the conference at Cafe Christiania focusing on political prisoners. The NHC brought up the case of the imprisoned Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski at the event.

Read Secretary General Bjørn Engesland's presentation of the Bialiatski case here.

The Oslo Freedom Forum featured visionaries from academia, advocacy, business, media, politics, social entrepreneurship, and technology who shed light on some of the world’s least known and most repressive regimes and exchanged ideas on how best to tackle humanitarian crises.

The conference included luminaries from tech companies such as Google; the authors of The Shadow World, Consent of the Networked, and You Can’t Read This Book; anti-slavery pioneers from Cambodia, Haiti, and Nepal; opposition leaders from Ethiopia, Russia, and Singapore; individuals who use the arts to highlight human rights crises; and on-the-ground activists from regimes in Equatorial Guinea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Zimbabwe, to name only a few.

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