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NHC launches podcast

NHC launches podcast

The NHC is proud to announce that we today are launching our first podcast. The podcast series "Human Rights in Focus" will shed light on some of the most pressing human rights challenges we are facing in Europe today. In this first episode we are discussing the situation for human rights in Azerbaijan with prominent human rights activist Leyla Yunus. She is joined by NHCs senior adviser and Azerbaijan expert Berit Lindeman.

Leyla Yunus is the founder and director of the Institute of Peace and Democracy in Baku, and she has been one of the most vocal and outspoken human rights activists in Azerbaijan.

Leyla is also a former political prisoner. She was sentenced to 8 ½ years in prison in august 2015, after being in custody since her arrest in July 2014. She was convicted for fraud and tax evations, and faced treason charges in a separate case.

In december 2015, after nearly 1,5 years in prison, she was released on grounds of her deteriorating health.

Leyla now lives in the Netherlands, where she has received political asylum.

You can listen our podcast here:


A special thanks to Amnesty Norway for letting us borrow their equipment.