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Independent websites blocked


Independent websites blocked

- Open the two blocked news websites in Belarus, NHC demands.

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Every year, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee releases reports on various issues connected to human rights violations in the areas covered by our activity. All NHC reports can be downloaded as PDFs. Printed copies may also be ordered. To do so, please send an email to nhc@nhc.no.



Employees of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee regularly release books about issues related to their areas of competence. The books are released by various publishers and may be ordered from those.  Some of the books may be ordered from the NHC secretariat. To do so, please send an email to nhc@nhc.no.



The Norwegian Helsinki Committee sends occasional newsletters to its members and other interested parties. By writing your email address in the window on the right, you will be added to our mailing list to receive our newsletter as well as invitations to the Norwegian Helsinki Committee’s events.


Annual reports

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee’s annual report covers the most important work the committee has been involved with over the last year. In the report, you can read about our main focus areas, important events in the areas where we work, analyses of the situation in the countries we are involved with, cooperation projects, human rights in Norway and developments in the Helsinki Committee. All annual reports can be downloaded electronically.

Freedom of religion restricted in Azerbaijan

New report:

Freedom of religion restricted in Azerbaijan

The government of Azerbaijan claims it supports religious tolerance but in reality seriously restricts freedom of religion or belief. It uses a tolerance facade and denials of reality to camouflage serious human rights violations.

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Increasing restrictions on civic activism in Armenia

New NHC report:

Increasing restrictions on civic activism in Armenia

The NHC has monitored developments in Armenia closely since the disputed presidential election in 2008. This fresh report provides an analysis of trends within civic activism since the unrest that resulted in 10 deaths on 1 March 2008 until the recent demonstrations against the Russia-led customs union. – The authorities’ reactions to civic engagement in Armenia over the last weeks is definitely a reason for concern, says Armenia advisor in the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Lene Wetteland. – Though Armenia has received praise for legal reforms and some positive developments in the EU rapprochement process, these recent actions should serve as a warning that these steps can easily be retracted, Wetteland says.

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